Your Return on Investment

This video lays out the importance of organizational culture to your organization's mission and profitability and to your personal development.  It explains why your investment in Remedium Solutions products and services are almost guaranteed to provide a positive return on your investment.

Course Creator and Instructor

Founder and President

Scott Maurer

Scott Maurer is the author of "How To Create a 'No Complaining' Organizational Culture (...and Why It Will Be Good for Everyone). He is also Founder and President of Remedium Solutions, LLC, a firm that helps organizations make positive work culture a competitive advantage. Scott designed the Remedium People Systems Diagnostics and Optimization process to help organizations discover and heal dysfunction and maximize the way their people work together. This results in decreased costs, increased profitability, and more effective mission achievement. Scott brings 30 years of wide-ranging experiences that have provided him with the skills needed to help organizations heal and thrive. This includes 15 years of business experience (from entry to executive level), and 15 years leading churches as a head pastor while running a non-profit counseling and mental health training organization. He has over 10,000 hours of counseling and coaching experience and a doctorate focusing on secular leadership, followership, team theory, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, change management, and other aspects of individual and group psychology.

Additional Remedium Solutions Products

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List prices (discounts are available):




Initial consultation (30 minutes)



Peer Support Course (includes 1-hour live support)

 $450 per employee


Facilitator Course (includes 30-minutes live support)

$475 (up to 3 employees)


Basic Diagnostic** (includes basic report)

 $200 per 15 employees


Advanced Diagnostic** Analysis

 $250 per 15 employees


Video interviews, consultations, mediations, coaching

Custom quote


**Diagnostics involve assessing the relational and emotional health of your organization.  This helps you understand areas of organizational vulnerability that require more focus.

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